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Quartz (SiO2 or silicon dioxide) is crystalline silica, the second most common mineral in the crust of the earth. It is well known for its hardness and its use in glass. However, different types of glass require different SiO2 purity levels with the most basic flat glass (e.g. house windows) only requiring SiO2 purities of about 98.5%, while more complex glass such as solar glass or LCD glass have desired purities in excess of 99.95% SiO2. Although silicon dioxide is abundant, not all deposits are chemically exact, with the SiO2 purity and the levels of various trace element impurities varying across different deposits. Contamination of quartz can be from mineral and fluid inclusions and non-silica elements entering atomic sites usually occupied by silicon and oxygen. I-Minerals is continuing to evaluate quartz market opportunities given some fundamental changes in markets requiring higher quality developing quartz products. Examples would include the offshoring of all solar glass manufacturing and the rapid growth of LED light technologies. Across time I-Minerals has developed several quartz products under TrueQTM brand with purities ranging from 99.5% SiO2 up to +99.97% SiO2. Market opportunities are continuing to be assessed.


Higher value applications for quartz products the Company is targeting include sodium silicate, fused silica, epoxy molding compounds, square quartz crucibles for polysilicon manufacture, Halogen, fluorescent and xenon lamps, quartz for making fused silica grain, specialty ceramic glazes, paint, solar glass, optical glass, art glass, glass bulbs, liquid crystal display (LCD) glass. Fused silica grain is a raw material for square silica crucibles used to produce directionally solidified, polycrystalline, solar cells. +5ppm of Ti is limiting the use of TrueQ in mainstream LED and fiber optic applications, but I-Minerals is examining quartz fibers and quartz tubes that are doped with titanium for optical and/or catalyst application (e.g. lasers and tanning lights).