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Transportation is a critical aspect of every industrial minerals project. I-Minerals is strategically located with the ability to deliver its mineral products by truck, railway, or barge / steamship.

I-Minerals is ideally situated to ship minerals to the under-served western USA via major freight, train and barge routes

Transportation Assets

Significant producers of feldspar, quartz and kaolin are primarily located in Eastern North America - a long haul to markets in the Western United States. The primary source of halloysite is New Zealand -- an even longer haul. With no other western based producer of these high quality industrial mineral products, I-Minerals enjoys a strong competitive advantage. Transportation costs of the mineral products are paid by the purchaser and depending upon the mineral product, the location where it is produced and where the customer resides; these costs can be greater than the value of the mineral product being shipped. Whether barging containers to the Port of Portland for transloading to steamships for the Pacific Rim; transport by covered hopper or freight car to destinations on the Burlington Northern or Union Pacific railways or via the Interstate Highway network to anywhere else, I-Minerals is well positioned to offers its potential customers a high quality product at a competitive price.